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"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work"


Steve Jobs






Personal Leave (PTO)


Blackwell Intelligence Solutions offers employees a generous leave policy.  Each full-time employee earns 24 days annually of personal time off (PTO).  When on leave status, employees continue to accumulate PTO.  Employees are allowed to maintain a maximum leave balance of 240 hours annually.  Any additional hours are paid to the employee in full.




Blackwell Intelligence Solutions observes eight Federal holidays plus two floating holidays.  Every employee also receives his or her birthday off for a total of eleven holidays annually.  






Blackwell Intelligence solutions supports employees maintaining their technical expertise and provides each employee technical training per year. 

Internet and Mobile Phone


Blackwell Intelligence Solutions provides monthly stipends in the amount of $40 each for mobile phone and internet use.  We believe this allows employees broader use of their technical communication capacities without infringing on personal expense.



Technical Publications


Blackwell Intelligence solutions reimburses employees 100% for all technical manuals or annual subscriptions to technical publications. 






Blackwell Intelligence Solutions is partnered with United Health Care and contributes 100% of medical premiums for employees.  


Disability Insurance


Blackwell Intelligence Solutions offers long term and short term disability insurance to all employees. 






Blackwell Intelligence Solutions is partnered with Fidelity Investments as a means for offering a full service company 401k plan.  Employees have 35 funds to choose from and are immediately vested in the plan upon hiring. Blackwell Intelligence Solutions contributes 10% of an employee’s salary to the plan at the end of each calendar year. 




Employee Referral


Referral Bonus


Blackwell Intelligence Solutions values employee referrals. Therefore, we pay employees a referral bonus for those candidates who are successfully recruited.  


Employees will receive their referral bonus in the pay period subsequent to the new recruit's employment date.

Extended Work



Additional Earnings


Employees who work beyond the required number of hours within a pay period will be paid at their hourly rate plus 10%.  EWW requires pre-approval by the customer /contract prior to submission.


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